On the Road: Through Europe in a Classic Car

Feel the wind in your hair and take in some amazing views – but expect stares, too

If your perfect getaway involves cruising along the scenic routes of Europe, the wind in your hair, a classic-car tour could be exactly your speed. “It’s a way for people to reconnect with the true spirit of motoring,” says Sara Norris, owner of Colcorsa Supercar Hire & Driving tours in Europe.

The feel of these self-driving tours is very much the freedom of the open road, and exploring new ground with a beautiful view, Norris says. “But of course, each is meticulously planned, with a pre-programmed GPS and a road book where all the perfect stops, landmarks and the best roads are already part of the itinerary. You experience all the best bits without the hassle of having to find them.”

Plot your course with some of Europe’s most picturesque organized drives.

Loire Valley Summer Tour

July 31 – Aug. 6
Classic Car Tours International

Bring your own car and take to the winding roads of France’s verdant Loire Valley, with its quaint villages, historic chateaux and abbeys, gardens, wine caves and museums. Go alone at your own pace or in a small group led by a tour director. The company will provide a detailed road book, daily itineraries with mileages, and recommended places for pit stops, as well as maps.

Mercedes-Benz Tuscan Tour

Sept. 6-9

Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts can test the wheels of a Mercedes-Benz SL classic sports car and hit the pedal across the hills of Tuscany. With an English-speaking guide leading the way, the tour takes you through Tuscany’s cypress-lined roads, fields of rice, and verdant vineyards. Enjoy wine tastings, staying at a castle, and taking in architectural marvels. Follow the route with a road book and get personal vehicle service throughout the trip.

Cote D’Azur & Monaco Driving Tour

Runs April through October, 5 days

Choose your dream car: maybe it’s an Alfa Romeo Duetto or a 1960s Ford Mustang Drophead. Once your motor is up and running, you’ll cruise through the picturesque corniche (cliff ) roads with breathtaking views of the sea as you make your way from the South of France to Monaco. On your way, you’ll enjoy some wine and local cuisine at Michelin-starred restaurants.

Funchal & Madeira Island Drivers

Tours run throughout the year
Two Ten Classic Tours

Two Ten Classic Tours of Portugal is like the “Choose Your Own Adventure” version of a road trip. You pick your ride—and your roadway. Try a 1935 Austin Ten Open Road Tourer; or maybe a 1966 Singer “New” Vogue revs your engine. Tours range from one to three hours and cover the Funchal and Madeira islands. The services of a multilingual guide are provided.



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