Visiting Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

Journeying among Sonoma Valley’s gorgeous vineyards and exploring its magnificent luxury real estate is activity enough to fill a hundred weekend afternoons. But what to do when you’re looking for something just a little different? How about visiting an art museum? thomas ingmire 1 Sonoma Valley Museum of Art is the fine arts hub of a community that has long been cherished for its rich cultural life. Every visual, literary, musical, culinary and winemaking art thrives here. SVMA was founded in 1998 as a central place where artists, collectors, visitors and residents alike would have somewhere to gather, interact and engage in ideas. Here’s a look at some of the museum’s current and upcoming exhibitions: Modern Twist: Contemporary Japanese Bamboo Art (until June 12) Exploring the evocative sculptural power of contemporary bamboo art, this exhibition celebrates the achievements of bamboo basket makers who have, over the last century, made the journey from artisans to artists. Featuring 38 incredible works by 17 Japanese artists, this is an exhibition of rare innovation and imagination. Modern Twist 011 Thomas Ingmire: Contemporary Calligraphy (until June 12) Calligraphy’s power to captivate lies in its enchantment of the ordinary. No one embodies the form’s magic quite like Thomas Ingmire, the internationally renowned calligrapher who has made a career of pushing artistic boundaries through his books, drawings and calligraphic works. This exhibition follows the evolution of Ingmire’s process while providing insight into the world of calligraphy. thomas ingmire 3 Surf Craft: Design and the Culture of Board Riding (opens July 2) California is a surfing state. Though surfboards have been around for centuries, surfing culture really felt at home here, along the golden coast. This exhibition celebrates the history of surfboard design, from a handcrafted object to a mass-produced foam and fiberglass construction. It is a must-see for anyone who has ever ridden (or dreamed or riding) the waves. surf For a closer look at current and upcoming exhibitions, click here.