Santa Fe Concorso

While the great southwest has myriad landscapes and cultures, the region shares several traits and amenities, including stunning golf courses, world-renowned luxury real estate, great food and a love of classic cars. This month, individuals in New Mexico should consider checking out the annual  Santa Fe Concorso, which provides a unique look into some of the greatest automobiles ever manufactured. The event, which will mark the eighth anniversary since its inception, takes place between Sept. 23 and 25, with the expected number of vehicles on the scene totaling 110. Each car is rare, vintage and exotic, while the work of legendary automobile photographer Michael Furman will be on display in a special exhibit starting on Sept. 22. This particular exhibit will focus specifically on Alfa Romeo, which is the 2016 Santa Fe Concorso’s featured car.
Lovers of classic cars should make their way to Santa Fe this September.Lovers of classic cars should make their way to Santa Fe this September.
In addition to several other exhibits at museums and galleries in the area, Santa Fe Concorso features entrants who compete for the gold with their beloved automobiles, while attendees get to see and learn about these rare and illustrious motor vehicles. Awards are broken down by class of vehicle, such as Italian motorcycles, race cars and elegant open cars, giving attendees an eclectic range of automobiles to discover. Santa Fe Concorso is always getting better and attendees can expect to see cars manufactured between the early 1900s and the 1990s during this year’s iteration of the extravaganza. General admission tickets are available through the organization’s main website, as well as more information on the schedule of activities. Make sure you are at the Santa Fe Plaza around 10 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 24, as this is when all of the entrants will surround the crowd and begin the bulk of the festivities.