Amusement park on waterfront at night
Amusement park on waterfront at night

Santa Monica is one of the country’s great coastal cities. Boasting a world famous pier, storied beach and beautiful luxury real estate, it’s hard to imagine how things could get any better. Well, try this on for size. On Saturday, March 12, from 12 to 5 p.m., Santa Monica Airport will celebrate its 10th Annual Airport ArtWalk.

Converted airplane hangars will play host to more than 60 artist studios and a variety of creative venues that include art and theater workshops, live music shows and ceramic demonstrations. Since its origin, the ArtWalk has become a cherished community event. It is a day of fun and imaginative exploration.

Here’s a small sample of what visitors can look forward to on Saturday:

ARENA 1 Gallery
Get a dose of the future with a visit to ARENA 1 Gallery. Featuring a group exhibition called “New Walled Cities & Hinterlands” that presents strange and exciting ideas of what Los Angeles’ urban landscape might look like in the coming decades, the gallery highlights the evolution of everything from cul-de-sacs to solar farms.

Pottery and ceramic demonstrations are one of ArtWalk's attractions. Pottery and ceramic demonstrations are one of ArtWalk’s attractions.

Santa Monica College Ceramic Arts
SMC’s Ceramic Arts students will be at the ArtWalk demonstrating how to cast with molds, photo transfer and the unique art of Raku firing – an exciting process in which you place your pottery into a kiln and watch as the intense heat starts to melt the raku glazes. There will also be a sale of student artwork and a sculptural collaboration with children.

Plenty of food
You might be having so much fun on Saturday that you forget to eat, but if not, there are a wide range of food options on site. You can treat yourself to everything from the traditional American fare of the Spitfire Grill to the decadent Belgian waffles of The Marcel Truck. For dessert, head over to The Chunk-n-Chip Truck, serving craft ice cream sandwiches.

For a more complete list of everything the ArtWalk has to offer, see here.


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