The Met Breuer — Revealing Marcel Breuer’s Masterpiece of Modernist Architecture

The new met breuer
Courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art © 2016.

When The Met Breuer opens to the public on 18 March 2016, visitors will have the opportunity to experience Marcel Breuer’s masterpiece, occupied by the Whitney Museum of American Art from 1966 to 2014, as never before. This remarkable video brings you behind the scenes as the Metropolitan Museum of Art – under the guidance of architects Beyer Blinder Belle – restores this architectural icon, paying loving attention to its signature concrete walls, stone floors, bronze fixtures and lighting.

The Met’s collection of modern and contemporary art now has a dedicated home in the iconic Marcel Breuer building on Madison Avenue, and Sotheby’s enjoyed a preview of the galleries ahead of the public opening on 18 March.

Courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art © 2016.
Courtesy The Metropolitan Museum of Art © 2016.

A goal of the programming is to “disrupt and expand” histories of art, said curator Sheena Wagstaff, an intention realised by a survey of Indian Modernist Nasreen Mohamedi and Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible, which poses the fascinating question: When is an artwork finished? Click on through our slideshow for a preview.


Major corporate support for The Met Breuer is provided by Sotheby’s. This video was produced by the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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