Eye of the Beholder Exhibit

Sonoma has long been one of the centers for arts and culture in California and thus the country, and it remains highly active thanks to the community it possesses. In addition to boasting the most beloved vineyards in the entire country, as well as luxury real estate that could make any property tycoon excited, the Sonoma Valley is rich with major events and unique art openings throughout the year. One of the area’s greatest treasures, the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art, recently announced that it will be launching a new exhibit that captures some of the most epic post-war artwork that has ever been made, tracing back to the end of World War II and spanning through the height of protests in the 1960s. The exhibit, titled “Eye of the Beholder – The Sculpture and Early Prints of Nathan Oliveira,” will kick off on Jan. 14 and run through the beginning of April, and provide an extremely unique and eclectic perspective of this singular artist that is maybe not as well known as he should be. There is no doubt that Oliveira was a success as far back as the 1950s, as he had a place in the famous New Images of Men exhibit at the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1959. But now is the time to remember his work given the current state of political affairs in the country and abroad. His printmaking acts as the jumping off point for both his career, which began right after the Allies declared victory, and this particular exhibit.
Oliveira's work was highly influenced by the post-war era.Oliveira’s work was highly influenced by the post-war era.
“Eye of the Beholder – The Sculpture and Early Prints of Nathan Oliveira” will include lithography works, bronze sculptures, lesser-known printmaking works and much more. The Sonoma Valley Museum of Art noted that this will be an especially exciting opportunity to better understand this highly influential artist, thanks to the combination of extremely rare and very popular works he produced throughout his three decades of active artistry, and that the perspectives Oliveira offers to today’s citizens are invaluable. From the description of the exhibit, though, it is abundantly clear that the artist’s printmaking will be front and center for visitors to the museum. More information about this exhibit can be found through the dedicated page on the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art’s website. If you are a resident of Sonoma or just visiting sometime between mid-January and early-April, definitely consider heading down to this beautiful, wondrous establishment for a day, as it possesses such an eclectic range of work from local and international artists. If you are particularly interested in checking out Nathan Oliveira’s work, be advised that the museum will be hosting a public educational program on Jan. 29 that will feature a discussion led by the artist’s son, Joe Oliveira. Do not miss out on your opportunity to enjoy this exceptional exhibit in 2017!