Celebrate New Year's Eve with elegant French cuisine at l'escale in Greenwich.

New Year’s Eve is a time for parties, champagne and, of course, resolutions. So resolve to join other diners for an unforgettable evening at l’escale, where a New Year’s Eve Gala will be held featuring some of the best food and drink in Connecticut.

First seating will run from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, while second seating will begin at 8 pm and end at 10 pm on Dec. 31. Those in attendance will have two meal options to choose from. There is a three course dinner for $70 per person and just $25 for children, as well as a five course dinner that will run $165 per person.

After dinner, a $70 entry fee will give late night revelers access to an open bar and a dance floor featuring live music from one of Greenwich’s best local bands.

l’escale in a class of its own
With a picturesque location amidst the luxury real estate on the waterfront in Greenwich, l’escale has become synonymous with sumptuous, world-class dining among the city’s culinary elite. To call eating here an experience would be to understate the restaurant’s one-of-a-kind sophistication.

From the luxurious bar to the comfortable lounge, from the music to the simple rustic feel, diners will find that l’escale has made elegance effortlessly casual.

Some of the world’s great chefs
Serving contemporary Provencale dishes with a Mediterranean flair, l’escale is indisputably Greenwich’s hippest French restaurant. Part of what makes this place so cool is the talent behind the food.

Executive chef Frederic Kieffer is from Paris. Growing up, he spent his summers in local restaurants discovering a passion for cooking. He enrolled in one of the city’s best known culinary institutes, which propelled him into work at such renowned restaurants as Taillevent and the Lutetia Hotel until he moved to the United States and lent his expertise to places like C’est si Bon and Windows of the World. Now he designs l’escale’s incredible menu to embrace his roots in French cuisine.

Pastry chef Wendy Laurent took a very different – and much shorter – route to l’escale. Born and raised in Greenwich, Laurent is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. But that wasn’t enough of an education for her. She made her way to Belgium, mastering the ins-and-outs of classic French cuisine. Laurent’s elegant pastry deserts are edible works of art.

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