Eight Guesthouses That Exemplify High-End Hospitality

One of the benefits of owning an expansive estate is the ability to offer visiting family and friends a comfortable private space. Whether it’s a former carriage house in the Hamptons, a unique modern space north of Santa Fe, or a freestanding retreat with a stargazing observatory, these stylish guesthouses will encourage visitors to relax…

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Eight Victorian Homes that Respect History Without Sacrificing Style

True Victorian homes date to Queen Victoria’s reign—1837 to 1901—and encompass several popular architectural styles. But their distinctive elements—spindlework, wraparound porches, gingerbread trim—remain popular across America, whether in newer homes that pay respect to tradition or in historic properties that have been lovingly maintained.

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Tour Santa Fe’s Villa del Alma

Santa Fe is known for its unique blend of cultures — the architecture, food, and traditions of Native American, European, and Anglo people interweave easily here, creating a rich, enchanting tapestry. That…

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